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your productivity

Tapes and adhesives are a fast, clean, reliable and easy solution for assembling most of your materials. Tapes can be preapplied on substrates to accelerate application.

There is barely any need for reworking or finishing. Depending on your chosen process, 3M can advise you the appropriate dispensers and equipment to apply our tapes and adhesives.

Faster, better and more durable than mechanical fasteners

Discover a faster, better and more durable way to get the job done. Click on the infographics to find out how 3M works for you.

3M tapes and adhesives

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3M technology makes it possible to work almost twice as fast. You’ll be surprised by the time and money you can save!


All of our products are created to absorb impact 24/7. Listen to the sound of silence and say goodbye to rattling screws and rivets.


Our tapes and adhesives ensure optimal force distribution.

More Durable

Choose for 3M and you’re choosing for durable solutions. Compared to other solutions our technology is one hundred percent waterproof to stop the effects of corrosion and protect your material on the long run.

No limits

As one says 'The Sky is the Limit'.
Tapes and adhesives can replace most of the traditional mechanical fixing systems. Structural adhesives are the strongest and most powerful assembly systems existing. To prove it we have not hesitated to lift a truck held by just a small metal square bonded with DP760, a 2-component epoxy adhesive. See for yourself.

3M Scotchweld EPX Adhesives

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Focusing on lightweight solutions

Out with the old, in with the new. 3M solutions make it possible to work with all kinds of new lightweight materials because bolts and nuts are simply no longer a necessity. Discover how 3M can make a difference.

Looking for ways to lose some weight?

The Rail industry will be using a lot more lightweight materials to address issues of weight reduction. Most of these lightweight materials cannot be mechanically fastened or attached due to their nature (for example drilling would fragilize the materials). 3M tapes and adhesives can help you assemble materials to make composite panels but also can help attaching and fixing those panels to the interior of rail carriages. Using a tape or an adhesive also offers more flexibility in designing parts for optimal bonding performance.

Moving trains quickly back into operation

With 3M tapes and adhesives technology, you can perform maintenance and repair activities in less time, allowing rail carriages to go back into operation much faster, saving you time and money.

How you can make it happen

Repairing or refurbishing a rail carriage has to be performed in a limited and well controlled amount of time. Tapes & adhesives are the right choice for this type of operation; very few tools needed to apply them; clean, fast, efficient and offering reliability and durability. Also our Reclosable Fasteners like 3M™ Dual Lock™ allow for easy opening for maintenance and repair.

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Protect it with tape

Get familiar with 3M Polyurethane Protective Tapes. A tape that resists punctures, tearing, abrasion and erosion. It is formulated especially for resistance to ultraviolet light. 3M Polyurethane Protective Tapes provide a simple, easy method of protecting a surface from corrosion, abrasion and minor impact damage. It can be installed in a minimal amount of time and painted or applied over painted surfaces.

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Quick and easy repair

When assembling a new rail carriage, it is highly important to think about the potential repair or total replacement of elements like panels. 3M™ Dual Lock™ is a 2-part attachment system which works like a tape but allows for very strong attachment of panels but also easy opening for maintenance and repair.

3M Dual Lock technology

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Improving passenger comfort

3M Tapes and Adhesives help to reduce noise, prevent disturbance and increase passenger comfort. So now it’s time to sit back and relax. Discover the difference we can make.

Noise reduction and sealing solution

What's extraordinary with some of the 3M Bonding Tapes is that they are not only providing excellent adhesion performance but they also offer many more advantages that you might not discover at first sight. For example, 3M VHB Double Coated Acrylic Foam Tapes have the ability to reduce noise and rattling thanks to their visco-elastic properties. They also offer excellent sealing properties and form a joint against water infiltration and possible corrosion.

3M VHB Tapes

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Thinking about sustainability

3M is very conscious of the environment and we’re developing more and more environmental-friendly products. This is not only good news for the planet, but also for the thousands of people who work with our products every day.

One of the most recent examples of our concern for a better work environment is the introduction of a new 100% waterbased adhesive.

Put it all together

When developing new tapes and adhesives, 3M is thinking about the safety of workers. Therefore, we have developed a brand new 100% waterbased adhesive which is much safer to use than traditional solvent based adhesives. 3M Fast Tack 1000NF acts as a pressure sensitive adhesive, no need to wait until all the water in the adhesive has dried out, much faster to use. It also has a much more aggressive initial tack than previous waterbased adhesives making it a good solution for fixing trims and textile on walls of rail carriages.

3M Waterbased Adhesives

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Offering you more flexibility in design choices

When designing trains of the future, aesthetics is paramount. When using tapes and adhesives, you avoid all kinds of rivets, screws or spot welding. This will not only make your design process more flexible, but also provides you with more aesthetically pleasing results.

Discover new possibilites

Curiosity is where everything starts at 3M. It is what drives us to solve problems; by building on ideas, and uncovering new connections between seemingly unrelated technologies and solutions.

3M Tapes and Adhesives

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Protect your windows against vandalism

Design and aesthetics of your rail carriages are what make the difference. It would be a pity to see your train damaged by scratches, cuts, tearing on the windows and doors. This is why we have developed 3M Scotchgard Protective Films for you. These are multi-layered films applied on your windows and doors to protect them against any kind of damage. Film layers can be easily removed and increase the life cycle of your windows and doors, saving you a lot of money in replacement or maintenance.

3M Scotchgard Protective Films

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3M VHB Double Coated Acrylic Foam Tapes

3M VHB tapes are ideal for use in many interior and exterior industrial Applications. In many situations they can replace rivets, spot welds, and other permanent fasteners.

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3M Scotchweld EPX Structural Adhesives

3M EPX Structural Adhesives are designed to provide a very strong join between two surfaces with the resulting bond often being as strong as the surfaces they join. Our structural adhesive products achieve permanent, high-strength bonds with many materials including metals, glass, ceramics, wood, plastics and rubber.

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3M Sealants

High quality formulations result in significant advantages that resist yellowing, cracking, chalking, and UV degradation. Precision formulations with proven performance that maintain internal integrity, resulting in long term durability. Adhesive sealants that are reliable and create a secure, quality bond and seal for a variety of surfaces and applications, indoors and out.

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3M Extreme Sealing Tapes

3M Extreme Sealing Tapes are acrylic tapes that create water tight seals over numerous substrates. They easily conform over contours, edges, rivets, and screw heads resulting in a paintable surface with good outdoor durability.

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3M Scotchgard Protective Films

Now there's a cost-effective way to instantly peel away scratches, graffiti and other defacement from glass and smooth surfaces. 3M Scotchgard 1004 is a four-layer protective film custom-cut for each order—no trimming or scrap film during installation. Stiffer for easier application than single layer films—no adhesive residue and time consuming cleanup.

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3M Dual Lock and Scotchmate Reclosable Fasteners

3M Dual Lock provides the permanency and strength of a screw with the ease and aesthetics of a hidden fastener. 3M Scotchmate offers closure alternatives to zippers, screws, snaps, hooks, bolts and more.

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3M Polyurethane Protective Tapes

A tape that resists punctures, tearing, abrasion and erosion. It is formulated especially for resistance to ultraviolet light. 3M PPT provides a simple, easy method of protecting a surface from corrosion, abrasion and minor impact damage. It can be installed in a minimal amount of time and painted or applied over painted surfaces.

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About 3M

Everyday you're faced with design challenges that can literally affect the success or failure of your products. How do you reduce weight or make your products more resistant to impact and shock? How do you keep up with the latest trends in design aesthetics or seamlessly integrate your all-important brand image? How do you make your products quieter, safer, or environmental friendly? And of course, as always, how do you cut costs, streamline manufacturing and boost productivity - without affecting quality?

If you can imagine it, we can help you build it, fix it or make it better.

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Curiosity is where everything starts at 3M. It is what drives us to solve problems; by building on ideas, and uncovering new connections between seemingly unrelated technologies and solutions.

Innovation at 3M is driven by our own technology platforms, a unique collection of over 40 technology areas coming together and helping us to discover new solutions and making progress possible.

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