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3M™ Littmann® White Light Optics Diagnostic Tools

3M™ Littmann® White Light Optics Diagnostic Tools

The 3M™ Littmann® White Light Optics Diagnostic Tools deliver Littmann quality, design and advanced LED technology throughout both the Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope.
  • LED Technology - Low-reflection, bright and white light – aids more efficient diagnosis in comparison with halogen or xenon bulbs
  • White Light Efficiency - Long LED bulb (20,000hrs) & battery service life (50hrs) results in low maintenance costs
  • Pocket size - Portable, easy to handle, convenient size. Supplied with Littmann soft velcro fastening carry case
  • 5 year Warranty
  • 3M™ Littmann® Quality & Service - Supported by dedicated Customer Service and Support
Fibre Optic LED

LED Illumination
Provides 5500K pure white
light for true tissue colour

Fibre Optics
Producing a ring of even light
for an unobstructed,
glare-free view

Disposable Speculae
(12 included)
Affordable pack size for replacements
promoting Infection control
(100, 1000)

3 x Magnification
Swivelling precision optics
Littmann® Fibre Optic LED Otoscope Littmann® LED Ophthalmoscope LED

LED Technology
Higher contrast to support
efficient diagnosis compared to
halogen or Xenon bulbs

18 Focusing Lenses
A range of -20 to +20 dioptres.
Easily adjustable
aperture wheel

Parallel Optical Path
Avoids corneal and iris reflexes

Soft brow rest
Suitable for use with spectacles
6 Apertures
With easy-to-use aperture wheel

Available from the following distributors:


Steele Medical Supply


SP Services
White Light Optics Efficiency

Low maintenance costs thanks to long LED and battery service lives. Whilst the service life of a xenon light source is only approx. 20 hours, LED burns for at least 20,000 hours.

LED Illumination

For uniform illumination of the examination field with pure white light (5500 K). The LED illumination shows colours as they really are. Helpful for efficient diagnostics plus an almost unlimited LED service life.