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Industrial Parts Washing

Whether it be for automotive or aviation components, Industrial machinery, optical and photographic lenses, medical devices to the smallest semi-conductor or electronic devices, 3M Purification is well established as the supplier of choice to the parts washing industries.

Parts when manufactured and before assembly into finished products often require cleaning to remove manufacturing debris to meet the required product quality specifications. As the market demands higher quality surface finishes and tolerances in a drive for smaller more reliable components, so the need to improve the quality delivered of the washing processes involved. Historically a lot of these systems employed solvents as the cleaning medium which in more recent years have been replaced by aqueous and detergent based systems which are both more operator and environment friendly.

Manufacturers in all industries want to know how the cleaning process can be improved, made faster, more effective and less expensive. To achieve the required improvements and effectively increase both efficiencies and yields, parts washing systems must:

  • Maintain clean wash and rinse tank fluids through appropriate filtration
  • Provide the degree of cleanliness required to reduce scrap or cleaning rework, whilst decreasing system maintenance.

Selection of the correct filters for these applications has proven to reduce the overall manufacturing costs, rework, scrap and customer rejects and help to extend the life of washing and rinsing fluids. Inadequate filtration will increase the number of off specification parts produced while maintaining a cleanliness level exceeding the required specification will consume resources unnecessarily.

Often bespoke in their design, parts washing systems can be as simple as a single immersion tank manually operated with a re-circulating pump and particulate filter right through to a fully automated multi-stage process with several discrete cleaning steps, each with their own level of dedicated separations equipment.

The filters of choice at each location will be those that:

  • Are chemically compatible with the various additives and detergents added to the wash and rinse fluids to meet the required specifications.
  • Have high dirt holding capacity to provide long on stream life and reduced filter change-out for reduced disposal and maintenance costs.
  • Are absolute-rated for the rinse stages to consistently remove all particles larger than the stated rating therefore providing reproducible and defined system protection.

Since no one filter is ideal for all applications it is very important to review the requirements to obtain a cost effective system.

3M™ Nominal Bags

3M Purification has the full range of filters and filter housings required to meet the demanding needs of the parts washing industries. From our range of proprietary Bag filters ( and ranges), absolute rated depth cartridges ( and and series), to our pleated membrane filters (), we will ensure that all parts washing processes can have their performance optimised.



To discuss any of these applications or your specific requirements with one of our trained technicians contact us