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Automotive Assembly

Auto Assembly plants in every corner of the world have improved their manufacturing and assembly processes by employing 3M Purifications filter systems, from the initial phosphate treatment steps, right through to the application of the final clear coats on the car body.

Although great strides have been made by the car manufacturers over recent years to fully automate and drive out the causes of defects in the assembly production process, there are still challenges that occur on a daily basis that give rise for opportunities to further improve the production plant.

In a recent program with a Global manufacturing Automotive company, 3M Purification were able to assist in overcoming poor cleanliness achievement levels of the car bodies from the initial wash and treatment stages of their process. The poor removal and retention of contaminants (oil, dirt, weld balls, sludge and micro-organisms) from the car bodies had led to expensive re-work and production throughput delays at the start of the process.

With the assistance of our Scientific and Applications Engineers, 3M Purification demonstrated up to 81% cleaner effluent quality and cleaner wash baths using 3M™ DF Series Filters. This improvement led to less defects and carry-over to heat exchangers, which provided the manufacturer significant cost savings related to process rework. In addition to the improvement in quality, the same 3M™ DF Series product demonstrated up to a 4X extension in operational life versus the competitive filtration products tested. Since converting to our filter solution the plant has needed significantly fewer filter change outs, again saving valuable time and money.

As the car body travels on its journey through the subsequent processes (Electrodeposition) and onto the application of the coating layers, once again 3M Purification products can be employed to improve and maintain the quality achieved whilst reducing the overall cost of filtration.

As an example of this in the paint kitchen of the paint shop : 3M Purification have demonstrated how 3M™ Betapure™ AU series with its absolute rating and ability to filter the pigment containing paints on a classifying basis will remove large undesirable particles that will contaminate the paint, whilst allow desired pigments, metallics and micas to pass through. The rigid depth structure of the filter will also enhance the removal of deformables that could lead to surface defects on the coating.

To further enhance the performance and ease of use of our 3M™ Betapure™ AU series filters, we recommend that they are employed in our totally enclosed CUNO™ CTG system. The highly efficient system :-

  • reduces the time taken to change out filters
  • reduces volumes of waste generated
  • negates the need for cleaning out of the vessel
  • reduces operator contact and exposure to the process.

3M#&8482; DF System

3M Purification has the full range of filters and filter housings required to meet the demanding needs of the Automotive Assembly industries.

From our range of proprietary Bag filters (3M™ NB and 3M™ DF ranges), absolute rated depth cartridges (3M™ Betapure™ AU series and 3M™ Betapure™ BK series), to our pleated membrane filters (3M™ 700 series), we will ensure that all steps in the assembly processes can have their performance improved and optimised.

To discuss any of these applications or your specific requirements with one of our Technical Sales Engineers or Application Specialists contact us