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Parts Washing & Coolant Filtration

The industrial metal industry has been facing increasing challenges in recent years due to a requirement for improved measurement methods and increasing challenges in the functionality of components. This requires much higher technical operating cleanliness standards than before.

Tests and trials have proven that using an optimized filtration solution, such as 3M 740 Series or 3M High Flow filter cartridges – the quality of the end product can be improved drastically. The exchange of the process fluid can be conducted more frequently and process costs can be reduced. Also this leads towards a reduction of downtime in production.

Housings applicable for this solution are 3M™ CT Housings, 3M™ CT Brass Housings, 3M™ DS Housings, 3M™ HC Housings, 3M™ ME Housings and 3M™ MEB Housings.

To discuss any of these applications or your specific requirements with one of our trained technicians contact us

Parts Washing

Technical cleanliness of components is facing increasing challenges. Components are getting more complex and higher performing. Particle contamination on surfaces may cause dysfunction. Because of this, methods and solutions are necessary in all parts of the production to guarantee cleanliness.

Filtration in part washing systems is cleaning the process fluid for particle free components and long lifetime. With 3M Bag Filter Systems and cartridge filters 3M™ Series 740 and 3M™ High Flow 3M Purification is offering solutions to enable the best way and sustainable solution for your cleaning procedure.

Because of the very good filtration performance and long lifetimes 3M Purification is able to offer a cost optimized and safe system. The space saving solutions are also possible in high temperature applications.

New on the market are 3M cartridge filtration systems that can be used in bag filter housings. Your production can be flexibly adjusted without making a large investment.

Coolant Filtration

Coolant fluids in the metal industry are used for transporting swarfs away from the component and to guarantee a non-viscous and temperature optimized working process.

For a high quality end result, clean and particle free coolant fluids are absolutely necessary. Permanent exchange for the cleanliness of fluids is time consuming and costly. By using a customized filter system in your process these costs can be drastically reduced.

With the use of 3M Bag Filter Systems or cartridge filters 3M™ Series 740 and 3M™ High Flow the cleanliness of your coolant fluid is guaranteed. The exchange is more frequently, production can proceed without failure. Downtime is reduced.

With the use of 3M Bag Filter Systems or 3M 740 Series and 3M High Flow cartridge filters, the cleanliness of your coolant fluid is guaranteed. The exchange is more frequent so production can proceed without fail.