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3M Privacy On The Money In Retail Banks

3M Privacy On The Money In Retail Banks
  • Executive Summary

    Executive Summary

    By completing a visual privacy audit within its retail locations, a National Retail Bank was able to pinpoint weak points within the organisation, develop a stronger visual privacy policy and better protect against visual hacking.

  • Organisation Overview

    Organisation Overview

    Ranking in the top 20 of retail banks, it has offices throughout the country but its largest footprint is in the Midwest. The bank is known for its customer service and commitment to privacy. Unlike other banks that have experienced rapid growth in their online banking business, this bank prides itself on being traditional with a high-touch customer-focused culture.

  • Business Case

    Business Case

    Working within the highly regulated financial services industry, this National Retail Bank identifies data security as a top priority. Sensitive and confidential information that is accessed by employees includes:


    • Customer account information
    • Credit and debit account information
    • Tax records and IDs
    • Mortgage and loan applications
    • Credit history

    To identify visual privacy weaknesses within the bank, a mock audit was conducted to determine the company’s readiness to complete a full-scale compliance audit by banking regulators. During the audit it was discovered that the tellers’ work spaces could be easily observed by co-workers and banking customers. This included complete visibility of what was displayed on computers. In addition, high-resolution cameras outside the drive-through window could observe the computer screens and do what is known as a “screen scrape” of customer account information. Additionally, an emerging area of concern is protecting visual privacy for customers using newly added self-service kiosks.

  • The Solution
    The Solution

    Following the mock audit, the bank’s compliance officer recommended the use of privacy filters as one step to address the visual exposure of customer account information. The compliance officer is working to make the use of 3M™ Privacy Filters and other privacy products to be mandatory at every branch, including areas not accessible by customers. To step up adoption, the privacy filters are being shipped to the branch offices that have the most customer traffic, which have been deemed the most vulnerable. Furthermore, the bank has used employee communication channels to make employees aware of the visual hacking risks identified in the findings of the mock audit.

  • The Benefits
    The Benefits

    Since the bank has performed the mock assessments, adoption of privacy filters has significantly increased throughout the company, helping to protect customer data and keeping the company compliant with industry regulations.

    According to the Compliance Officer:

    “I sleep better knowing that the use of the privacy filters is spreading throughout the branches. I have made some unannounced visits to several of the high-traffic branches to observe the use of the privacy filters. While the branches are not 100 percent compliant, I did observe the use of the privacy filters on terminals in the drive-through window and in areas where customers would be able to view employees’ computers.”

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