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Superfinishing Abrasives


3M’s range of microfinishing film abrasives provide precise, consistent, close tolerance surface superfinishing.

The range includes rolls, sheets and abrasive discs, for use in various industries including solid surface fabrication, cam & crankshaft finishing, paint repair and industrial cylindrical applications.

3M™ Diamond Microfinishing Film 675L

Superfinishing systems

3M™ Microfinishing Films are used for finishing Cam and Crankshafts, trimming and finishing composite materials as well as general industrial deburring applications on hard materials. These Micron graded aluminium oxide mineral particles coated on a polyester film roll provide high tolerance precision finishes.

The sharp diamond coating and durable construction of 675L film can help significantly reduce abrasive usage by enabling slower abrasive feed rates. It may also allow you to start the superfinishing process with a finer grade of the 675L film, eliminating sequencing steps and the downtime needed to switch films.

3M Best Performers :

  • 3M™ Microfinishing Film 272L
  • 3M™ Microfinishing Film 262L
  • 3M™ Diamond Microfinishing Film 675L

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