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Industrial Maintenance &
Repair Operations (MRO)


3M offers a wide variety of solutions for industrial maintenance and repair operations (MRO) where abrasives are required as part of the process.

The range includes discs, wheels, coated sponges, sheets and rolls for use in multiple applications, from heavy stock removal and dimension correction to metal cleaning and paint preparation.


For fast, clean cutting the 3M range includes products suited to its 3M Air-Powered Cut Off Tool and 3M Angle Grinder for use on thin sheet metal, tubes and bars.

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A variety of tools and abrasives for sanding (including floor sanding), refining and denibbing, whether by hand or using machinery.

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Weld Grinding & Stock Removal

Solutions for stock removal applications such as weld preparation/bevelling, weld removal, deflashing, edge grinding and dimensioning.

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Cleaning Metal

Abrasive solutions for fast, efficient cleaning without damaging the underlying surface; removal of unwanted layers from metal such as paint, corrosion, sealants, adhesives and coatings.

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Finishing & Surface Preparation

Abrasive solutions for surface refinement, such as blending scratches, refining defects and handling marks and pain preparation.

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If you require further information about products for MRO Contact us or call us on 0870 60 800 90.

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