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Airborne Particles & Allergens

 Airbourne Particles and Allergens

The quality of the air in your home can be up to 5 times worse than the air outside. Filtrete™ Room Air Purifiers effectively filter the common airborne household particles and allergens detailed below.

Airborne Particles & Allergens Could Lead To Allergies Such As Asthma and Hay fever

  • Household Dust - Household dust is made up of a wide variety of things including dead skin from humans and pets, finely ground plant and insect parts, minute particles of sand and soil and fabric fibres from clothes, carpets and upholstery. Daily activities can stir up the dust into the air. Like other allergens dust can trigger allergic reactions leading to sneezing, runny nose and itchy-watering eyes.
  • Pollen - Pollen are the fertilizing elements of trees, grasses, flowers and weeds. It is carried by the wind and is a potent stimulator of allergic reactions including .
  • Mould Spores - Mould spores are generated from mould, which is a fungus that grows in damp or very humid areas and can often produce allergic reactions.
  • Pet dander - Pet dander is made up of old scales; shed animal skin and dried saliva. It is extremely lightweight and tiny in size (approximately 2.5 microns) and can stay airborne for hours before settling on a surface. Pet dander can cause an allergic response, particularly for sufferers, for whom it can worsen breathing problems.
  • Smoke – Smoke can be generated by a number of things including cigarettes, cigars, open fires and cooking. In addition to several known carcinogens smoke can contain particles including wood tar, soot and ashes. In addition to causing typical allergic reactions such as sneezing and runny nose, exposure to smoke can cause burning eyes, bronchitis and even trigger attacks.
  • Dust mite debris - Dust mite debris is made up of the excrement and remains of dust mites, which are tiny microscopic animals related to ticks and spiders that live in virtually every home.

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Why use a Room Air Purifier?

 Why use an air purifier

Why purify the air in your home?

There is more to keeping your home clean than just cleaning surfaces like worktops and carpets.