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Sports Injury Support

A dislocated joint or broken bone requires immediate attention from a medical professional, but how do you deal with a strain, sprain, pulled muscle or torn ligament to reduce both its severity and your recovery time?

Whether it’s a sports injury or otherwise you just need to remember the acronym RICE: Rest – Ice – Compression – Elevation


If you’re injured during a sport, it’s tempting to try to continue through the pain barrier – but you’ll only be exacerbating the problem. Stopping will ensure all of your body’s energy is directed towards healing the injury. Just as importantly, if you continue what you were doing you could easily cause further damage.


Apply ice to the area as soon as possible. This simple measure reduces the blood flow to the injury that can lead to swelling and complications. Ideally you should use a pack that can be wrapped around the injury and one that incorporates a thin cover, to prevent skin tissue damage from prolonged contact with the ice.

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Compression helps to reduce the swelling that inhibits the healing process, plus it offers many people temporary relief from pain. Braces and supports, or bandages/wraps, can offer extra support while also allowing limited movement to joints.

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This, too, reduces swelling particularly if the injury is above the level of the heart. Damage to ligaments or muscles in the leg will be aided by lying on the floor with the leg resting on cushions of low seating.

Once the pain and swelling has diminished (usually after 48 hours), increasing the blood supply to the injured area will help to promote faster healing. This can be done safely and easily with the aid of specially designed gel packs that can be wrapped around the injury. Continuing to wear a support during exercise will also help by providing warmth to the injured area.

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