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Customised Post-it® Index Products

When you need to mark those important pages in a book, bulky file, catalogue, or directory Post-it® Index is ideal.

And, because they are so useful, Post-it Index Flags and Dispenser products are great for customising and carrying your promotional messages.  Choose from the following products:

Post-it Index Dispenser
Post-it Index Dispensers can be printed with a company name, logo or message, comes in 3 sizes with 1, 2 or 3 dispensers or your special format upon request.  The cover is printable on all 6 sides (1 to 4 colours) and holds 50 Index per dispenser.   Choose from 7 Index colours. 

Post-it Index Triangular Dispenser
This desktop dispenser can be produced in your own brand colour and overprinted with your message or logo.  Or use the standard colours of silver-metallic or transparent blue.
The triangular dispenser can be printed on one side with one or two colours and contains different colours of Post-it Index flags.

Post-it Duo Set
This handy dispenser delivers both Post-it Notes and Post-it Index and may be printed on one side in up to 4 colours.  Choose from the Post-it Duo Set with one Index dispenser or Post-it Duo Set Plus with 2 Index dispensers.  Both the Post-it Note pad and its card backing can be printed in up to 4 colours.

Post-it Organiser Set
When you are on the move, the Post-it Organiser Set makes sure you have always got a repositionable Note or Index close to hand.  The cover size is 132 x 80 mm and both the cover and Post-it Notes may be printed in 1 to 4 colours.  The inside cover can be printed with additional information or spot glued to carry a leaflet.  And filled a Post-it® Note pad and a mini Post-it® Index set.

Post-it Index Pen and Highlighter
Write or highlight and then mark the page for easy reference at the same time. Simply twist the barrel to reveal the Post-it Index flags inside the pen.
With 5 print positions, the pen or highlighter can be printed with a brand or message in up to 4 colours.  Each pen/highlighter contains 50 Post-it® Index flags.

Customised Post-it Notes
Post-it® Duo Set
Post-it® Index Pen and Highlighter