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A: You can use it on rugs, residential or commercial carpet, and automobile carpet and matting. Always check for colorfastness first by testing in an inconspicuous area.
A: With wear from dirt and traffic, the carpet's protection wears away with time. The more traffic and/or dirt, the faster it wears. In addition, each time your carpet is cleaned with a deep extraction machine, the protection is diminished considerably. We recommend periodic cleaning at least once a year with a deep extraction machine and reapplying Scotchgard™ Protector after each instance.
A: Yes, the aerosol product should be applied after each cleaning of your carpet. Also, in high traffic areas, or where spills are most likely to occur, applying this product boosts the protection of the mill treatment.
A: Under average room temperature conditions (70°F, 50% Humidity), most objects should dry overnight. Always be sure to check before resuming normal traffic in the treated areas. Longer dry times could occur under the following conditions: colder temperatures, more humid conditions, or heavy applications. Providing for proper ventilation for the product will also provide a quicker dry time in most conditions.
A: This product is not recommended for white wool rugs, oriental rugs, non-colorfast rugs, upholstery and dry clean only items. This product is safe for use on non-white wool rugs that can be cleaned with water (some rugs may have a "cleanability code" - where "W" or "WS" would indicate it is safe to be cleaned with water). Always check for colorfastness first by testing in an inconspicuous area.
A: No. Using Scotchgard™ Carpet & Rug Protectors does not change the look or feel of carpet. Occasionally, slight over-application of product or accelerated drying (with fans or heat) may cause treated articles to stiffen. Simply, vacuum the affected areas and the carpet will feel normal again.
A: We do not recommend this product for use on oriental rugs. We have found the variability between manufacturers and the occasional use of food dyes can produce unusual and unpredictable results.

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