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3M™ Electrical Product Catalogue

  • 3M™ Electrical Tapes
    3M™ Electrical Tapes
    Don't compromise on quality

    Whether you are looking for vinyl, glass cloth or mastic electrical tapes, 3M have over 30 years of experience in developing exceptional tapes for many applications including insulation, jointing & corrosion protection.

    View Scotch 130C
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  • 3M™ Cable Jointing
    3M™ Cable Jointing
    Trust in your connection, trust in experience

    With piece of mind and reliability top of our agenda 3M have developed a quicker, safer and cheaper installation product range that has been designed with you in mind

    View LV Range
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  • 3M™ Cable Terminating
    3M™ Cable Terminating
    Performance through innovation

    Our termination products can give contractors and clients the confidence they need in thier power networks, through our market leading installation efficiencies and consistant relaibility.

    View MV Premium Range
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  • 3M™ Cable Identification
    3M™ Cable Identification
    Make your mark, custom identification

    3M makes cable & wire marking effortless with an exciting & innovative range of labelling products designed to offer you the best choice of identification solutions to suit all of your marking needs.

    View Trasp Product Range
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  • 3M™ Scotchcast™ Resins
    3M™ Scotchcast™ Resins
    When second best just isn't enough

    It is the quality of our resins for which we are best known and the foundation on which many of our customers keep choosing 3M time and time again.

    View Jointing Resin Range
  • 3M™ Electrical Accessories
    3M™ Electrical Accessories
    Finishing touches that make the diference

    We have developed a wide range of accessories to compliment our joints & terminations, from cable cleaning and pulling products, to sprays, coatings and heat shrink tubes and moulded parts.

    View Cable Pulling Lubricant
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    • Cable Terminations
    • Electrical Tapes
    • Identification
    • Resins
    • Accessories
    • EMC / RFI Shielding Products
    Cable Jointing
    Cable Jointing
    • Low Voltage Jointing
      • Inline Resin Joints
      • Inline Cold Shrink Joints
      • Branch Resin Joints
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    • Medium Voltage Jointing
      • Standard Joint
      • Premium Joint
      • Super Premium Joint
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    • High Voltage Jointing
    • Cold Shrink Accessories
      • Cable End Caps
      • Cable Abandonment
      • Tubes
    Premium Cold Shrink Cable Joints
    Cable Terminations
    Cable Terminations
    • Low Voltage Terminations
      • Cold Shrink Indoor
      • Cable Abandonment
    • Medium Voltage Terminations
      • Standard Termination
      • Premium Termination
      • Separable Connectors
    • High Voltage Terminations
    • Terminations Accessories
      • Barrier Boots
      • Cable Glands
      • Cable Lugs
    Fully Integrated Premium Termination
    Electrical Tapes
    Electrical Tapes
    • Insulating & Splicing Tapes
      • Corrosion Protection Tape
      • Insulation Tape
      • General Purpose Tapes
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    • OEM Insulating Tapes
      • Acetate Cloth Tape
      • Antistatic Tape
      • Composite Film Tape
      • View All ...
    • EMC / RFI Shielding Tape
      • Aluminium Shielding Tape
      • Copper Shielding Tape
      • Gold & Silver Shielding Tape
    Scotch® 2228 Rubber Mastic Tape
    • Label Printers
      • Handheld Label Printers
      • Desktop Printers
      • Custom Printed Labels
    • Manual Identification
      • Scotchcode Wire Marking
      • 3M Grafoplast Trasp System
    • Tape + Heatshrink
      • Marking Tapes
      • Heatshrink Sleeving
    3M™ Grafoplast™ Trasp™ Premium Case
    • Cable Jointing Resins
      • Standard
      • Premium
      • Hydrocarbon Resistant
    • Specialty OEM Potting Resins
      • Epoxy Resins
      • Polyurethane Resins
    Scotchcast™ Jointing Resins
    • Cable Cleaning & Pulling
      • Cable Wipes
      • Cable Cleaning Solvent
      • Cable Pulling Lubricant
    • Cold Shrink
      • Tubes
      • End Caps
    • Electrical Earthing
      • Constant Force Springs
      • Earth Continuity
      • Earth Bonding Kits
      • View All ...
    • Lugs + Connectors
      • Cable Connectors
      • Cable Lugs
      • Scotchlok Wire Connectors
    • Sprays + Coatings
      • Anti Corrossion Spray
      • Contact Cleaner Spray
      • Degreasing Spray
      • View All ...
    • Heat Shrink
      • Tubing
      • Moulded Parts
    Cable Pulling Lubricant
    EMC / RFI Shielding Products
    EMC / RFI Shielding Products
    • Electromagnetic Shielding Tapes
      • Aluminium Shielding Tape
      • Copper Shielding Tape
      • Gold & Silver Shielding Tape
    • Electromagnetic Shielding Sheets
    • Electrically Conductive Cushioning Gasket Material
    • Electromagnetic Cable Shielding
    • Electromagnetic Absorbers
    Scotch® 77 - Arc & Fire Proofing Tape