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Government Markets


Meeting the needs of  IPT's and defence personnel. Providing products and technologies to help reduce life cycle costs and improve performance, affordability, reliability, and survivability of current and future Military systems and operations.

Military Hospitals and Medical Centres

3M Dressings

For acute, chronic or surgical wounds choose a product from 3M’s comprehensive dressing range. They help to speed the clinical pathway and deliver optimum patient care.

3M Operating Theatre Products

Operating Theatre Products
Rigorous adherence to the principles of asepsis is the foundation of surgical site infection prevention. It is critical to minimise a patient's exposure to bacterial contamination from the environment.

3M Skin Care Products

Skin & Wound Care
The 3M Skin Health range focuses on both acute wound and chronic wound care, providing innovative solutions, including dressings and barrier film, for the prevention of skin breakdown and management of wounds, to help avoid associated patient discomfort and cost.

Sterilization Assurance

Sterilization Assurance
Our Sterilization Assurance Programme is a comprehensive and prudent approach to sterilization monitoring procedures and methods which can be counted on to reduce the risk of undetected sterilization failure, providing security and peace of mind to professionals in the healthcare industry.

Clinical Coding

Clinical Coding
Our Clinical Coding solutions provide advanced software tools and services that help health care organisations capture, classify, and manage accurate health care information.
Our RFID Patient Record Tracking system allows hospitals have total control of their vast library of records. A recent implementation at Walsall General Hospital has been a huge success, testimony to which has been the incredible feedback received from both system users and managers alike.

3M Facilities Cleaning and Care

Facilities Cleaning and Cleanliness Monitoring
3M provides a range of quality products and solutions for superior cleaning. Managing your facilities effectively includes maintaining a safe and efficient working environment for your work colleagues. Whatever challenges you face, the chances are, 3M have a solution that you can trust.

3M™ Clean-Trace™ Clinical ATP Hygiene Monitoring System

3M™ Clean-Trace™ Clinical ATP Hygiene Monitoring Systemis the only ATP system to be highly commended by the Department of Health (DH), with a Rapid Review Panel Level 1 recommendation and the successful completion of the national showcase hospital trials.

We are also recognised as a trusted leader in the food microbiology industry. We design, manufacture and market a full line of innovative testing and monitoring products that help food and beverage processors, retailers and food service companies worldwide to manage microbial risk and improve food quality.

Dental Care

Dental Consumables

Dentist Consumables
Discover creative possibilities to enrich your craft through innovative laboratory products and the latest technologies in dentistry. You’ll also find technical information, helpful resources for dentists and customer support all designed to enhance the productivity of your lab and add value to your business.

Orthodontics Supplies

Our mission at 3M Unitek is to provide solutions to the orthodontic profession by offering the highest quality dental surgery and orthodontic products, appliances and services in the industry.

Vehicle maintenance

Automotive Manufacturing and Bodyshop repair

Body shop Solutions
3M produces over 1,000 different products for the automotive industry used in the following application areas—Body, Paint, Chassis, Powertrain, Exterior and Interior. These solutions are found both on the vehicle as well as in the manufacturing plant.

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul
Polyurethane Protective Tapes have been designed and specified by military and commercial aircraft  OEMs to resolve performance problems observed with other alternative materials and techniques previously used including paint, sprayable coatings, epoxy bonded boots and other sealing materials.

Health & Safety

3M Personal Protective Equipment

Industrial and Personal Protective Equipment
We specialise in hearing and eye guards, and respirators to protect against dust and fumes, as well as reflective clothing for greater visibility, thermal clothing to keep in the heat and a select range of high quality stylish protective coveralls offering breathable comfort and protection you can rely on.

3M Window Film

Window Film & Building Safety
At 3M, our wide range of building safety and security solutions, including window security film, solar window films and fire stop systems to prevent fire, and are designed to protect against crime, fire and damage to buildings, to increase building security.

3M Novec 1230 fire suppressant

3M Novec
Today’s increasingly-sophisticated military systems and devices must perform reliably in the most extreme environments and battlefield conditions. At the same time, defence and aerospace contractors are facing the same environmental and worker safety challenges as manufacturers in other sectors.

3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a next-generation halon alternative designed to balance industry concerns for performance, human safety and the environment, which makes Novec 1230 fluid the first option to non-sustainable technologies.

3M™ Novec™ Products are designed to help meet these challenges. From precision cleaning of electronics circuitry to thermal management of missile guidance systems, the Novec brand stands for chemistries that provide safe, effective and sustainable technologies in a wide range of challenging applications.

Construction and Estates Management

3M Roofing Systems

3M Roofing Systems
Refurbish roofs without the need for removal or landfill using 3M’s   unique range of cold applied seamless systems.

Hygienic Wall Coatings

Hygienic Wall Coatings
Protect against impact and abrasion damage, graffiti and long term effects of general wear and tear.

3M Floor Matting Solutions

3M Floor Matting Solutions
3M Nomad™ Entrance Matting Systems are designed to stop dirt and moisture at the door, helping keep floors clean throughout the entire building.

3M Window Films

3M Window Films
Upgrade the performance of existing glazing and protect your buildings from UV, glare, heat and impact by using 3M Window Films.

3M Floor Care

3M Floor Care
We provide a complete range of floor care systems which give you a high image shine even in heavy traffic areas with simple low-cost maintenance.

3M Anti- Slip Tapes

3M Anti- Slip Tapes
3M Safety-Walk™ consists of a full range of functional, slip resistant materials that provide improved resistance and help reduce slips and falls.


3M Volition Network Solutions

Network Solutions
3M™ Volition™ Network Solutions offers high performance network cabling solutions that are media transparent. 3M Telecommunications offers you cost-effective innovative solutions for the installation of copper pairs (Categories 5e and 6), fibre optics (multimode or singlemode), or hybrid networks.

Vikuiti™ Optical Technologies

Vikuiti™ Optical Technologies
We do amazing things with light to change the way you see the world.
Clever display solutions that enhance and protect your data, knowledge, image and possessions.

Like you, millions of us rely daily on electronic displays for business and leisure - from mobile phones and lap tops to SatNav devices and digital cameras. Display Enhancement Technologies make displays brighter, clearer and easier to read. Display Protection and Repair Films guard against scratching and marking.

Vehicle Graphics/Signage

Touch Screens

Touch screens are an intuitive way of allowing organisations to transfer information to their audiences and customers. To discuss how you can use innovative touch screen technology, call 3M today.


3M Stationary Solutions

Stationery and Office Equipment
Our range of office products and accessories will help you make your workstation a more comfortable, and productive environment.

Vehicle Graphics/Signage

Training MPro & Micro & Super Close Projectors
Flexibility and versatility are more important that ever. From briefing rooms to auditoriums, federal, state and local governments face special challenges and requirements. Our full line of digital projection systems, digital boards and easels were designed to work within a variety of different environments. Powerful presentation tools help you communicate better across the room or around the world. For those of you on the move, the MPro110 micro projector is an LED-driven device for a laptop with connectivity to a range of other multimedia devices.

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