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3M Automated Sortation Systems

Automated Sortation Solutions

Our Automated Sortation Systems support libraries to work smarter by delivering enhanced customer satisfaction through greater staff productivity


Why invest in a 3M Automated Sortation System?

Five reasons to choose a 3M Automated Sortation System

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  • Not just for RFID: The system works seamlessly with multiple technologies (i.e. RFID, Barcode & EM).

  • Space-saving design: The modular design provides flexibility in planning the best use of available space.

  • Hassle-free: 3M sorters are highly reliable and where support is required a team of fully trained local engineers are on hand to help.

  • Seen not heard: The conveyor system quickly and quietly transports items to the bin locations.

  • Kind to your stock: The unique sweep technology gently sorts both thick and thin items whilst minimising damage.

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