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Production and Completion Fluids Filtration

Oil worker using completion fluids

3M Purification filters for oil and gas help get new wells up and running faster and more economically, and help reduce the cost of reworking on older wells. Their high performance and low cost-in-use makes 3M filters the media of choice for a variety of fluids used in completion and enhanced oil recovery operations.

3M Purification Filter Systems for Oil & Gas Processing (PDF, 5.8 MB)

CUNO Application Brief: Filtration of Completion and Workover Fluids (PDF, 388 KB)

Downhole Applications for 3M Purification

Completion and Workover

3M Purification products are used extensively for filtering a variety of low viscosity fluids, including: cleaning/rinse fluids; completion fluids used to prepare oil and gas wells; and workover fluids used to swab and re-perforate existing wells. These weighted brines are critical for balancing well pressure, and they require high-quality filtration to ensure well completion and safety, and enhance oil recovery.



3M filters help protect against formation damage caused by waterflood impurities. Produced water contains oxides, iron sulfides, asphaltines and other particulates that must be eliminated prior to injection. These contaminants can cause well plugging or even fracture if not filtered out of the injection water before the stream enters the well. 3M filters eliminate more contaminants to help you achieve higher re-injection rates and maintain proper wellhead pressures.


Well Stimulation

3M filters help remove more contaminants from frac water, acids, surfactant solutions and other fluids used to stimulate formations – helping to prevent capillary blockage and increase recovery. Production filtration is critical to enhanced oil recovery operations, as contaminants can foul equipment and plug formations.


Consistent, cost-effective filtration solutions from 3M

3M Radial Pleat Filters

This proprietary 3M technology provides exceptional filter efficiency. The “radial pleats” give these filters more surface area to a given volume than many other types of conventional filters. This feature not only provides extremely high holding capacity to trap more impurities, but it also allows for fewer change-outs – reducing material and disposal costs. 3M Purification products incorporating the radial pleat design:

3M Grooved Purification Filters

These filter cartridges feature a rigid, graded porosity grooved structure that increases the surface area by over 65% when compared to ungrooved cylindrical cartridges. The grooved surface prevents premature blinding of the outer surface by large particles, and allows full use of the graded depth structure. This design also significantly extends filter life, and withstands machining into the upstream surface without tearing or melting.

3M Purification products incorporating the grooved construction:

Flow enhancing filtration diagram

3M Purification’s latest advance in depth filtration technology is a flow-enhancing design that allows uniform distribution of fluid flow and contaminant throughout the entire depth of the cartridge. The filter is constructed of a polypropylene media with fluid distribution netting, forming multiple layers in a total of three distinct media sections. Critically positioned media flow channels allow greater movement of fluid from layer to layer. This design also offers extended filter life – up to 3x greater than competitive filters.

3M Purification products incorporating the flow-enhancing construction:


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