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3M Safety Spotlight Webinar Series

The 3M Safety Spotlight series aims to share 3M's knowledge and expertise on a variety of workplace issues and hazards.

Please bookmark this page and return for details of our informative and interactive webinars and articles that provide information for you to review and keep as a permanent resource.

Upcoming Webinars

How to design & deliver effective training

Thursday 17th November 2016, 12.00 – 1.00pm

Speaker: Jenn Raymond

Training is an essential part of a health & safety management programme. Employers have a legal duty to provide the information, instruction & training necessary for their employees to carry out their work safely. In addition to this, an effective training programme can help to foster a positive health & safety culture, make employees feel valued & help you identify areas for improvement.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The legal requirements
  • How to deliver effective training
  • How engaging communications can maximise training success

Archived Webinars

Knowing your options: Selecting the correct respiratory protective equipment

Thursday 20th October 2016, 12.00 – 1.00pm

Speaker: Alan McArthur

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is used alongside other control measures in many industries. It protects workers exposed to various hazardous particles, gases and vapours.

The selection of RPE can sometimes appear daunting. This webinar will breakdown the selection process and discuss the many options available.

We will also discuss:

  • Respiratory hazards and their health effects
  • Assessing the risk and understanding the guidance
  • Selecting adequate and suitable RPE
  • Training

Welding in the workplace

Thursday 15th September 2016, 12.00 – 1.00pm

Speaker: Simon Field

Welding generates a complex mixture of airborne particles and gases that varies depending on the welding method and the type of metal. When inhaled, the metal fume and gases are known to cause ill health including long term illnesses that affect quality of life.

During this webinar we will discuss how airborne hazards form during welding and how there are typically controlled.

We will also cover:

  • Respiratory hazards associated with welding
  • Health effects such as fume fever
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) for welders

Health hazards in bodyshops

Thursday 28th July 2016, 12.00 – 12.45pm

Speaker: George Elliott

Bodyshop environments are a source of multiple hazards which can lead to significant work related ill health. One particular cause for concern are paints containing isocyanates, which according to the HSE have for many years been the biggest cause of occupational asthma in the UK.

Respiratory hazards are not the only concern, as protecting workers’ skin, eyes and hearing will often be required given the variety of workplace activities. In collaboration with 3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Division this webinar will provide useful information on the legislation and hazards surrounding bodyshop environments along with practical PPE selection and training considerations.


Coveralls: Effectively protecting your skin

Thursday 18th August 2016, 12.00 – 12.45pm

Speaker: George Elliott

Protecting workers’ skin can often seem a daunting task, especially given the array of different chemicals and particulate hazards in the working environment.

Additional selection factors, such as reducing heat stress and limiting the shed of particles from protective clothing, can also be major considerations in the selection process.

This webinar will give practical advice to those trying to protect their workers’ skin.

In the webinar we will cover:

  • Worker and workplace factors to consider in the selection process
  • Understanding workers’ motivation for non-compliance
    • Education and training

The role of PPE in a healthcare environment

Thursday 16th June 2016, 12.00 – 1.00pm

Speaker: Alan McArthur

This webinar will cover the part Personal Protective Equipment can play in protecting health care workers from some of the hazards they face during their working day. It will focus on the use of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to prevent infection. The guidance aimed at this area will be explained and some of the difficulties typically encountered will be discussed.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • What RPE is typically used
  • The different approaches needed for options available
  • The need for fit testing and the realities of performing it in a health care setting

SafeTea 2016: Communicating health & safety

Thursday 12th May 2016, 12.00 – 12.45pm

Speaker: George Elliott and Richard Davies

3M’s SafeTea Campaign is now its second year, promoting how to make the most out of your group tea break whilst integrating a toolbox talk. The SafeTea platform provides a valuable way to engage and encourage compliance within your workplace and facilitates a two way conversation between you and your colleagues.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The additional SafeTea content for 2016 covering those issues relevant to your workforce today
  • How to prepare and deliver your SafeTea toolbox talk
  • How to maximise the effectiveness of SafeTea in 2016

A focus on hazards in the construction industry

Thursday 21st April 2016, 12.00 – 12.45pm

Speakers: George Elliott and Stephen Morris

Recent HSE statistics revealed that annually in the UK around 69,000 construction workers were suffering from an illness they believed was caused or made worse by their work.

Amongst musculoskeletal disorders and skin conditions, the construction industry also had the largest number of occupational cancer registrations across industries.

With this in mind, there is a concerted effort in the sector to increase awareness of construction hazards and the control measures which can be implemented. In this webinar George Elliott from 3M will focus on these hazards and the important role control measures, including PPE, can play. George will be joined by Stephen Morris who will cover work at height in the industry and discuss the methods and equipment typically used to reduce the risks to construction workers.

In the webinar we will cover:

  • Respiratory, eye, noise and skin hazards
  • Solutions for those working at height
  • Correct selection and use of PPE
  • Education and training

Maximising PPE compatibility with a focus on user engagement

Thursday 17th March 2016, 12.00 – 1.00pm

Speaker: Simon Field

In the BSiF 2016 reference guide to the British Safety Industry it is noted that it is ‘important to consider compatibility with other forms of personal protective equipment’.

We will also discuss:

  • Common PPE challenges from compliance and user perspectives
  • Broadening your options through optimum product selection
  • Validating your choices for long term acceptance

Part One: Noise hazards and their effects on health

Thursday 11th February 2016, 2.00 – 3.00pm

Speaker: Simon Field

A report published last year by the Association of British Insurers revealed that claims for Noise Induced Hearing Loss increased by 189% between 2011 and 2014, a clear indication of the rise in health effects caused by high noise levels in the workplace and at home. In this webinar, we will partner with Action on Hearing Loss to discuss:

  • How to identify high noise hazards
  • How your hearing works
  • Health effects caused by excessive noise
  • Action on Hearing Loss’s campaign during Tinnitus Awareness Week

Part Two: Protecting your hearing with passive HPE

Tuesday, 23rd February 2016, 12.00 – 1.00pm

Speaker: Simon Field

Hearing Protective Equipment (HPE) is commonplace in many work environments but it is often poorly chosen, leading to issues such as discomfort, under-protection or overprotection.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The difference between ‘adequate’ HPE and ‘suitable’ HPE
  • Selection of the optimum HPE for your environment
  • Correct use of HPE

Part Three: Protecting your hearing with electronic solutions

Thursday 3rd March 2016, 12.00 – 1.00pm

Speaker: Simon Field

With a range of electronic features available, hearing protection can also be a valuable tool in the workplace. Communication, productivity and worker motivation can all benefit from hearing protection with added electronic solutions.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The range of electronic solutions available for HPE
  • How HPE with electronic features can benefit your workplace
  • Workplace case studies involving communication equipment

To view any of the previous Safety Spotlight webinars, visit the download section on the 3M Safety Network.


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