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Hearing Clearly with 3M Peltor LiteCom Headsets

Our new intelligent ear defender solution can help boost productivity by improving communication across a site or function.

The 3M Peltor LiteCom series offers a simple answer to potential communication issues between colleagues in noisy environments.

When communication is integral to a job or activity, it can be tempting to remove an ear cup in order to talk to a colleague, thereby exposing the ear to potentially damaging levels of noise. With a built-in two-way communication system, a 3M Peltor LiteCom headset protects the user from high noise levels, supporting compliance with noise regulation, whilst allowing them to communicate with other headset users up to 1,000 metres away on one of eight main channels. It also features an advanced microphone filter which reduces unwanted sounds and enables workers to hear each other clearly whilst their hands are otherwise occupied. Simplified menu systems, a rugged design and re-enforced components ensure it is easy to use and durable, giving employers maximum return on investment.

The 3M Peltor LiteCom Plus benefits from all the features of the LiteCom headset, including 121 sub channels, but also incorporates a level-dependent function that filters ambient sounds to a safe level. This ensures the user can hear important alarm signals and environmental noise, whilst unexpected sounds above the regulated threshold are filtered out. The 3M Peltor LiteCom Plus can also be linked to a mobile phone or external radio, and benefits from a new rechargeable battery pack which provides 20 hours of usage along with a handy charge indicator.

Sarah Broadbent, technical services engineer for 3M Personal Safety, explains: “The protection level and versatility of the new 3M Peltor LiteCom headsets mean they are suitable for a number of industries. They will help to make processes more efficient as workers will be able to communicate as if they were in an environment operating at a normal level of sound. As a result this will help to increase productivity as there will be less down time and employees will be able to respond to safety messages more quickly.”

As experts in hearing conservation, not just hearing protection, 3M offers holistic solutions from detection to selection and from training to validation. For more details on the full range of Safety Solutions available from 3M, visit or call 0870 60 800 60 in the UK or 1 800 320 500 (Ireland)