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3M™ SandBlaster™ Sanding Sponges

For sanding slightly contoured surfaces

SandBlaster sanding sponges...

  • sand faster and last longer than conventional abrasives of comparable grits
  • are ideal for both flat and slightly contoured surfaces - such as raised panel doors, cabinets and windows
  • have a durable foam construction which makes them easy and comfortable to hold
  • provide a smooth, uniform finish
  • can be used wet or dry
  • are washable and reusable

Sanding sponge

Available as...

  • Paint Stripping: 36 & 60 grits
  • Bare Surfaces: 100 & 150 grits
  • Between Coats: 180 grit
Sanding Sponges range

Where to buy

Find SandBlaster sanding sponges at:

Homebase Robert Dyas
Atlantic Homecare Amazon

Contact Origo for your local

Be Safe...
Respirator and Goggles
When hand sanding, protect yourself.
3M Eye Protection and 3M Respiratory Protection

 Be Safe... – Find out more

Handy tip...
When repainting surfaces, take the edge off old coats with fine sandpaper, particularly when covering gloss finishes, to ensure the new coat adheres properly.