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Why Use 3M™ SandBlaster™ Abrasives?

Sandblaster range

Whether stripping old paint or smoothing a minor wall repair, SandBlaster high performance abrasives are designed to make the job of sanding LESS WORK while providing high quality results.

They can be used on a wide range of surfaces including paint, wood, metal, plastic and fibreglass, and also have a special coating to resist clogging. SandBlaster abrasives are available in a number of forms - from sheets to the new range of flexible abrasives and accessories - and each form is designed to take you through the stages of a sanding project.

Choosing the right abrasive

It's easy to make the right choice with SandBlaster abrasives as they are colour-coded to highlight each stage of sanding.

Sandpaper Selection Chart

  • Paint Stripping
  • Green for Paint Stripping - coarse abrasives recommended for stripping paint and removing varnish & coatings.
  • Bare Surfaces
  • Maroon for Bare Surfaces - medium abrasives recommended for surface smoothing, shaping, removing defects and preparing bare surfaces before the first coat of paint or varnish.
  • Between Coats
  • Gold for Between Coats - fine abrasives recommended for sanding between coats of paint or varnish and for finishing. If a wood surface is to remain untreated or unpainted, fine sandpaper should be used to give a perfectly smooth finish.

Choosing the right grit

All SandBlaster abrasives packaging is marked with a grit dot which clearly indicates the abrasive grade:

  • The right grit
  • 36 to 80 for Paint Stripping
  • 100 to 150 for Bare Surfaces
  • 180 to 320 for Between Coats.

Where to Buy

Find selected SandBlaster abrasives at:

Homebase Robert Dyas
3M Direct Amazon

Contact Origo for your local

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Handy tip...
A sequence of sanding grits is the key to a beautiful finish – from paint stripping (coarse) to bare surfaces (medium) and between coats (fine).