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3M Touch Systems

3M™ MicroTouch™ Software MT7

For more than 25 years 3M Touch Systems has developed touch drivers for use in a wide variety of interactive applications. The 3M™ MicroTouch™ System MT7, offers many simple and sophisticated tools that allow customers greater flexibility and control in their application development. The feature-rich MT7 software suite can help ensure optimal touch performance, increased customer configuration flexibility, and shortened lead time to market.

MT7 multi-display touch support allows for multiple 3M touch-enabled displays to have simultaneous draw and touch functionality from one computer. Through an easy-to-use controller and touch screen ID assignment process the number of linked touch displays is only limited by the number of USB or serial ports available.

Total System Solution

  • Sensor, electronics, and software design and support from one supplier
  • Designed for optimal system performance

MT7 Gestures

  • Prebuilt software libraries for quick time-to-market allows you to focus on your application
  • Single finger gesture support for intuitive user interface designs
  • Radial menu support for quick menu implementation to any application

MT7 Control Panel

  • Customization of driver support to meet the needs of each specific application
  • Touch-specific features easily accessed via a graphical user interface

MT7 Multi-display Support

  • Built-in support for multiple interactive displays on one CPU
  • Flexible controller ID assignment and system configuration
MT7 Control Panel

MT7 Control Panel


  • Calibration Tool: If necessary, the calibration process aligns the touch sensor with the underlying LCD video.
  • Touch Modes: Three different touch modes available
    • Drawing: Replicates clicking down on a mouse button and drawing with the mouse
    • Touch down: Allows for immediate touch response to take place when the user touches the sensor
    • Lift off: Allows for finger placement prior to touch action taking place, so the touch event occurs when the finger is removed from the sensor.
  • Right Click Tool: Places an icon on the desktop that allows user to select which mouse button to activate on touch.
  • Touch Sound: Turns on or off audible beep on touch down or lift off
  • Double-click Speed: Defines how quickly user must touch the sensor for the system to interpret touch actions as a double-click event.
  • Double-click Area: Defines the sensor area a user must touch for the system to interpret touch actions as a double-click event.
  • Edge Adjustment Settings: Allows for slight offset of the touch point so the finger can easily access touch targets located at the bezel edge of the LCD screen.
  • Draw Test: Verifies video alignment and accuracy of the touch system.
MT7 Drivers

MT7 Drivers

Operating Systems Supported:

  • Windows (64 bit) 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003
  • Windows (32 bit) 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000
  • Windows CE, XPe, WePOS
  • Linux Kernel 3.0+, Kernel 2.6, Kernel 2.4 (serial only)
  • Apple OSX (3rd party UPDD driver)
  • Legacy operating systems supported by 3M legacy driver

3M MicroTouch Controllers Supported:

  • EX controller (surface capacitive technology (SCT)) with 3M's proprietary ASIC for fast touch response and accuracy.
  • CX controller (surface capacitive technology (SCT)) optimized for small-format displays
  • DX controller (dispersive signal technology (DST)) for large-format displays
  • RX controller (resistive technology) for 4-, 5-, and 8-wire touch systems

Click to link to 3M MicroTouch Software MT7 Driver Page

MT7 Gestures

MT7 Gestures

MT7 Gestures allow customers to use prebuilt software libraries to add intuitive gesture recognition to their touch applications. This application program interface (API) incorporates "single finger gesture recognition", as well as a programmable "radial menu" feature that allow developers to enhance their user interface with intuitive touch features. These four libraries are included in the MT7 Gestures API:

  • MT7 Trace collects user touch actions into traces, each representing a single touch down, drag, and lift off sequence.
  • MT7 Stroke takes a trace and matches it against an applicationdefined collection of reference strokes. Based on the match, the application determines what action is intended.
  • MT7 Radial presents a radial menu (a.k.a. pie menu) for the user to select an option that the application responds to.
  • MT7 Box Tool takes one or two traces and monitors their position, returning any change in distance or angle between a trace and a reference point or another trace.

Click to link to 3M MicroTouch Software MT7 Gestures API