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Playing a fun interactive game can help you pass time while you wear the patch. Get your parents to try the game too and see if they can do as well as you.

Flower Frenzy

Join in our Flower Frenzy! Collect as many happy flowers as you can in the time available, but careful, click the sad flower and you'll lose 5 points. Click on Joe and Rose to get a time bonus and challenge your family and friends and see if you can get on our leader board!

Hide And Seek

Lili and Knut are playing hide and seek with their friends. Help them find one another. Hover the mouse over the objects in the scenery and click on the characters quickly when you see them. Collect a star for each one you find, but be quick, the clock is ticking.

Don't forget to wear your eye patch!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Test yourself with this new jigsaw puzzle game. Pick your favourite Opticlude character, drag and drop the pieces until you've built the picture. Challenge your friends to beat your time.

Matching Pairs

Try the matching pairs game. Every time you see a matching pair of birds press the 'Pair!' button. You will earn points for the number of pairs you identify and you can see how many sets of pictures you have left to go before the game ends.

Play the matching pairs game now and click on the 'Start' button to begin.

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