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Engaging your Child - Make patching time fun!

For patching to be fun yet still achieve the desired results, your child’s weak eye has to be made to work harder while the normal eye is patched.

Games and activities that require visual acuity and hand-eye coordination work well.

When one eye is patched it takes about 10 minutes for the brain to adjust and start using the exposed weaker eye. It is therefore important that this is considered when starting the activities. Start with simple activities to help adjust the brain to use the weaker eye. Easy activities will help build your child’s confidence and willingness to wear the patch.

Encourage your child by being positive about the patching - the reward will be better sight. It may be hard for your child to understand but try to speak positively and set time lines such as "we’ll remove the patch when we have dinner" or use a timer/stopwatch to make sure they keep the patch on for the prescribed time. Overall the key to successful patching is:

  • Spend patching time together
  • Encouragement and praise
  • Trying to make the patch a fun exercise
Below are a few ideas you can use.

Be creative
Encourage your child to be creative with drawing, painting and sculpting as this will develop their hand- eye coordination and shift their focus to being imaginative, creative and productive. It will create a positive atmosphere and a reason for praising your child. Take a look at our Wall of Fame and send your child’s colouring pictures with their Opticlude eye patch for a chance to show their masterpieces on our website.

Patch decoration
Spend time with your child decorating their patches. It will develop their hand-eye coordination and make wearing their eye patch more fun. You can decorate with different coloured crayons, stickers and rub- offs.  to to order rub-offs free of charge (subject to availability).

Make a sticker chart
Sticker charts are an excellent way of rewarding your child for wearing the patch. You can make your own sticker charts by buying big pieces of white or coloured cardboard and letting the child decorate them with glitter, crayons, water colour or cut-outs with their favourite characters. Alternatively download our sticker charts below and for free stickers. Send your sticker charts to us for a certificate which we will award to your child when they complete their charts. For more information, please visit our Wall of Fame.

Sticker Chart

Opticlude Sticker Chart 1 (Blue)

Download PDF

Sticker Chart

Opticlude Sticker Chart 2 (White)

Download PDF


Games that test your child's memory and eye-hand coordination help to increase the impact of patching. Such games could be "Find a pair" or puzzles. Even computer games can help them to develop their vision.
Here are some games for you.

Flower Frenzy
Hide And Seek
Jigsaw Puzzle

Dressing up
Your child can pretend to be a pirate or a character of their choice while wearing the patch so they are having fun.

Whether your child is old enough to read themselves or not, it is an important way of developing their eyesight. Visit the local library and find books that are appealing to your child's age, gender and interest. You may also want to exchange books with friends from nursery, playgroups or neighbours. While reading, use your finger to point to pictures and text in the book to make the child follow and engage their eyes.

You could sometimes wear the patch yourself to normalise the patching experience. If the child thinks that it is normal to wear a patch they are more likely to want to wear the patch themselves. You could also put a patch on their favourite dolls/teddy bears.

If you would like to share your advice with us or ask questions please .

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