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Victory Series™ SL Brackets are widely accepted as an industry benchmark for outstanding performance. Advanced Victory Series™ Active Self-Ligating Brackets have been designed and detailed to be no exception. Quality manufactured to strict tolerances and extensively tested to assure reliability, Victory Series Active Self-Ligating Brackets will help you effectively treat even the most difficult cases with confidence.

The Victory Series™ Active Self-Ligating Bracket has a robust ligating mechanism that is designed for reliability of use and ease of operation1. The full slot-width size door maximizes available rotational control capability. You can also add optional APC™ II Adhesive coating to your Victory Series Active Self-Ligation System for reduced bonding steps and convenience2.

The Only Active Self-Ligating Bracket with Pre-coated Adhesive

APC™ II Adhesive Coated Appliance

3M Unitek has set the standard in orthodontic bonding efficiency with the APC™ Adhesive Coated Appliance System, offering fast and reliable bonding and fewer steps than traditional bonding systems2. Victory Series Active Self-Ligating Brackets are now available with the APC ll Adhesive coating option, so you and your patients can enjoy one of the market's most efficient bonding system along with the advantages of self-ligating technology.


Flange to allow brackets to be
easily handled with any holder
and precisely placed on the teeth

Rounded slot edges Rounded slot edges
designed to reduce archwire binding3

Ample under tie-wing area for use of
elastic chains and other ligated auxiliaries4

Distal gingival permanent mark for easy identification

Enhanced patient comfort by manufacturing a precision MIM bracket body with rounded edges5

Doors can be easily opened and closed by using either the door U-notch6 or the gingival tab7. Vertical groove under the door allows for easy opening from the U-notch6

Full slot-width door for optimal rotational control8

Round, low profile hooks9

Anatomically contoured base

Micro-etched, 80-gauge mesh pad applied at a 45° angle10 for greater bond strength

3-Point Base designed to improve the fit between the base and tooth

Torque-In-Base for Better Placement and Positioning


Torque-In-Base where the center of the archwire slot, the center of the bracket base, and the center of the clinical crown are aligned. This design allows for level archwire slot line-up11.

Center of bracket base

Center of

Center of


Torque-In-Slot where only the center of the bracket base and the clinical crown are aligned.

Center of bracket base

Center of

Center of

Versatility on Lower Cuspid Brackets

The Victory Series™ Active SL Bracket system incorporates a two degree rotation in the lower cuspid base to help reduce first order bends between lateral and cuspid brackets and between cuspid and bicuspid brackets.

Versatility on Lower Cuspid Brackets
Ample Under Tie-Wing Area

Did you ever think about how many times you use an elastic chain during a treatment? The Victory Series™ Active SL Bracket profile has been designed with an ample under tiewing area for a simple use of elastic chains or elastic ligatures.

Ample Under Tie-Wing Area
Reliable Self-Ligating Door Mechanism14

The Victory Series™ Active SL Bracket body has been manufactured with 17-4 PH Stainless steel that provides high resistance against deformation15. For the door material, a nickel-cobalt alloy provides the right balance between flexibility and strength. 1,15

Reliable Self-Ligating Door Mechanism

Heat treated nickel-cobalt alloy door
for secure and robust ligation5

No Special Tools Required

The door opening direction is always to occlusal so mastication forces go against it. This reduces the possibility of spontaneous door opening even more. Commonly available instruments already in your office may be used to open and close the self-ligating door. The instrument should have a pointed tip to facilitate opening. To close the door, you may simply apply finger pressure.

Place instrument Open the door
Place instrument Open the door Open the door
Place instrument with pointed tip into the U-notch located at the edge of the door (at the center of the bracket). Slide the door straight towards the occlusal. Doors can be also easily opened using the gingival tab.
Close the door  
Close the door Double-Ended Dual Purpose Instrument
Doors can be closed using your fingertip. You can also use the 3M™ Unitek Double-Ended Dual Purpose Instrument, REF 900-815.

APC™ II Adhesive Coated Appliance System

Always a Step Ahead

The APC™ II Adhesive Coated Appliance System pre-coats each bracket with an optimum and consistent amount of adhesive. There's no adhesive handling, no application and no opportunity to contaminate the bracket base.

Add Transbond™ Plus Self Etching Primer that performs under both moist and dry conditions, and bonding variables will be substantially reduced.17,18

The system is completed with the Ortholux™ Luminous Curing Light, designed to reduce bonding time and enhance patient satisfaction.19

Always a Step Ahead
A Standard for Bonding Ease that Assures Good Hygiene

That's because each APC adhesive pre-coated bracket is uniformly coated with just the right amount of adhesive to help you place it quickly and securely. With the Adhesive Coated Appliance System, the amount of adhesive is always the same to reduce the risk of interfering with the door mechanism.

A Standard for Bonding Ease that Assures Good Hygiene

3M Adhesive Innovation

it's everywhere you expect...
...and some places you do not.

The same kind of innovative thinking that led to 3M adhesives being used to secure components in the wings, landing gear and radar domes of jumbo jets has also led us to better ways of adhering brackets to teeth. Our revolutionary APC™ Adhesive Coated Appliance System gives you unprecedented control of bonding variables in a simpler, more efficient system.20

3M Adhesive Innovation

Inventory Control and Dispensing System

The APC™ System features a unique storage and dispensing system. A convenient patient set-up tray lets you transfer exactly what you need at chair side. Each adhesive coated bracket comes in an individually labeled package for easy identification ensuring good hygiene, no contamination, and less worry. The tamper-evident heat seal ensures adhesive consistency.

Easy Identification

Type of bracket

Specific tooth

Part number

Expiration date

Slot size

Torque and angulation of the
specific bracket

Lot number for traceability

Bonding Steps - Adhesive Systems

APC™ II / PLUS Adhesive Systems - 6 Steps

  • Prophy
  • Rinse
  • Etch and
  • Set Bracket
    and Apply
  • Clean Flash
  • Light Cure

Traditional Light Cure Bonding Systems - 11 Steps

  • Prophy
  • Rinse
  • Dry
  • Etch
  • Rinse
  • Dry
  • Prime
  • Set Bracket
    and Paste
  • Apply
    to Tooth
  • Clean Flash
  • Light Cure
* Using Transbond™ Plus Self Etching Primer

Wired for Performance

Victory Series™ Active Self-Ligating Brackets allow your practice to have reduced chair time, do fewer archwire changes16, and have longer intervals between appointments. Additionally, incorporating Unitek™ Nitinol Heat-Activated Archwires allows you to do it with very low forces for patient comfort.

At room temperature, or better yet, refrigerated temperature, Unitek Nitinol heat-activated archwires are easy on your patients and easy on you. Once engaged, Unitek Nitinol heat-activated archwires generate light continuous forces. As a result, your patients are likely to be more comfortable during their treatment time.

Even in the most difficult, crowded cases, wire insertion and engagement can be facilitated with ease.

Cross section/Effective forque

.018 slot

Direction of
applied force

Unitek™ Nitinol Heat-Activated Archwires maintain strict corner radius specifications


Force levels of Unitek™ Nitinol Heat-Activated Archwires



Loading force level at room

Loading force level at
refridgerator temperature

Unloading force level at body temperature

Source: 3M Unitek Lab Data 2014, available upon request.
Active Bracket Design Means Dynamic Performance

Victory Series™ Active Self-Ligating Brackets offer dynamic interaction between the ligating mechanism and the archwire as treatment phases change, with performance advantages in each phase.

Passive Phase
Round archwires in .022 slot
With round archwires, the bracket is passive, resulting in minimal archwire contact and low friction for efficient leveling and alignment.


Interactive Phase
.014 x .025 in .022 slot
Small square or rectangular archwires fill the slot but do not reach the ligating mechanism. This adds control during the working phase for space closure, rotation control and arch form expression.


Active Phase
.019 x .025 in .022 slot
Larger rectangular archwires engage the ligating mechanism, offering full control for finishing and detailing.

Recommended Archwire
Sequence for .022 Slot

.014 or .016 Nitinol Heat-Activated

.014 x .025 Nitinol Heat-Activated

.019 x .025 Nitinol Heat-Activated

.019 x .025 Beta III Titanium or Stainless Steel

Compatible with other active self-ligating bracket archwire sequences16.

Victory Series™

1st and 2nd Molar Tubes

These buccal tubes are designed to receive the archwire on the first try and reduce occlusal interference. The radiused hook is designed for both comfort and practical function, just as the tubes are contoured for patient comfort.

You can achieve a stronge and more consistent bond in each case with the Victory Series™ Molar Bonding Base. Look closely at its profile and you'll see a curved anatomical design for optimal tube-to-tooth fit.

The micro-etched 80-gauge mesh, along with the buccal indent and the correct anatomical fit, are designed for increased bond strength. The buccal indent assists in more accurate tube positioning - a key advantage that can eliminate time consuming archwire adjustments.

The APC™ Adhesive Coated Appliance System is the fastest, most convenient and efficient method20 you can use for direct bond buccal tube placement.

Lower non-convertible single

Upper convertible single

Victory Series™

2nd Bicuspid Tubes

The design of the Victory Series™ 2nd Bicuspid Tube eliminates occlusal tie-wings, which can cause occlusal interference and its potential for bond failures. With the use of the tube rather than a slot, the need for ligatures has been eliminated as well.
There are advantages for the patient, too.The smooth radiused design improves patient comfort and facilitates better hygiene. You can also order the offset base option. The chamfered tube opening will assist in wire insertion. Like the Victory Series™ Active Self-Ligating Bracket System, this tube is available with APC™ II Pre-Coat Appliance System.

No tie-wings to come
into occlusion

Chamfered tube
opening to assist
in wire insertion

Metal injection
molded, including
integral hook

Ligature wire

base with
offset option

Victory Series™

2nd Molar Mini Tubes

The Victory Series™ Mini Tube is an excellent solution for dealing with partially erupted second molars. These tubes have a mesially extended, compound contoured, micro-etched bonding base that allows for a superior fit and bond strength. No other mini tube offers 3M Unitek's combination of advanced hook design, precise base fit, and seating notch.

Optional APC™ II Adhesive Coated Appliance System Available

Seating notch

Mesial extended

Jumbo Base

3M Unitek buccal tubes are available with Jumbo bases that are 29% larger than standard bases providing a larger base/adhesive/tooth contact area.21

Standard Base

Jumbo Base


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