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Mission-Critical Cabling

Data centers are about more than data, they are increasingly the mission-critical nerve centres on which many organisations depend, so choosing the right structured cabling system to connect all the active components is essential. That's why 3M Data Center solutions are designed to increase efficiency and reduce energy. To maximize performance and minimize costs. We harness the power of more than 45 technologies and more than 50 years of network experience to provide customer-centric innovations, worldwide, that are fast, safe, sustainable, and secure. Because the future belongs to those who invent it.

Covering a broad range of copper and fibre options, the 3M comprehensive set of solutions from Category 6A, through to Fibre Connectivity and Cabling, MPO and Intelligent Management Systems gives data centre owners the reliability, high specification and flexibility they need, mindful of confined space and power consumption. All backed by a 25 year guarantee and compliance with industry standards.

For the installer, consultant, systems designer or integrator, offering data centre structured cabling as an extension to existing services represents a major revenue opportunity. 3M supports partners every step of the way, from specification and training through to on-site support and beyond.

“ . . the best fit technically and commercially for our needs". Check out how 3M tackle 2 Brighton University data centres!

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"... technically as good any other of the top manufacturers, but importantly, it is the most straightforward to install

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Product Focus

  • MPO High Density Pre-Terminated System MPO High Density Pre-Terminated System The MPO range from 3M handles the demands of high speeds and limited space simply and flexibly. Installation is fast and easy using pre-terminated connectors, with up to 96 connections on a single rack makes it an easy choice for data centres. And thanks to the innovative design, making future changes is a breeze.
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  • Cat6a Copper Cabling Systems Cat6a  Copper Cabling Systems Aimed at ‘to the desk’ and data centre applications, the system has been designed to minimise alien cross-talk, providing a consistent high quality, whilst at the same time ensuring long-term superior performance. Elements in the Cat 6A range include cables, patch cords, face plates, RJ45 Jacks, and 19” patch panels
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  • Intelligent Management System Intelligent Management System An infrastructure management solution that can simplify infrastructure administration, optimise the service support, enable automated planning, deployment and provisioning whilst maximising asset utilisation and minimising downtime. Because of the real-time monitoring and the network mapping, security can be improved delivering quality, reliability and ease of installation and use.
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  • Fibre Connectors Fibre Connectors The 3M fibre optic connector range includes a complete line of single-mode & multimode fibre optic connectors including ST,SC, FC and LC styles. These are available with a range of on-site termination processes including No Polish NPC, Hot Melt and Crimplok. If you are working in high density networks, we also offer an innovative preterminated MPO system.
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  • Fibre Cable Fibre Cable 3M Fibre Cable is available in Indoor / Outdoor, Indoor / Outdoor / Steel Armoured and Breakout Fibre Cables. Each of these ranges offer OM1,OM2,OM3 and OM4 Multimode cables as well as OS2 Singlemode cable. 3M have many years of proven experience as a leading fibre optic cable supplier.
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