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3M™ Structured Cabling Products

  • 3M™ Structured Cabling
    3M™ Structured Cabling
    Network Solutions that Power Business

    From the Lloyds Building in London to the National Stadium in Beijing, our goal is simple: to build you and your customers a warranted network solution you can depend on today, tomorrow and in the future.

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  • 3M™ Copper Cabling
    3M™ Copper Cabling
    Reliable End-to-End Copper Solutions

    3M offers a full range of Copper Data Cabling solutions across Category 5e, 6 and 6A. The 3M range is designed to provide installers, consultants and their customers alike with a single, reliable brand that is simple and quick to install.

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  • 3M™ Fibre Cabling
    3M™ Fibre Cabling
    A Complete Range of Fibre Optic Solutions

    From Fibre Connectivity to the desk, backbones, data centres, storage area networks, to the home, industry or miltary. 3M offers a full range of Fibre Cabling Solutions including single mode and multimode ST, SC, FC and LC.

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  • 3M™ Voice Cabling Solutions
    3M™ Voice Cabling Solutions
    Industry Recognised For Performance

    Extensively used globally in national and international telephony systems the 3M telephony range provides you with a reliable, easy to terminate connectivity renowned for its consistent performance.

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  • 3M™ Data Centre Solutions
    3M™ Data Centre Solutions
    3M MPO Comprehensive Choice For Data Centres

    The 3M  MPO range handles demands for high speeds and limited space in a simple and flexible manner. Installation is fast and easy using pre-terminated connectors. MPO is an easy and cost effective choice for  High Density Applications.

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    Copper Cabling Products
    Copper Cabling Products
    • Cat5e Copper Cabling Systems
      • Cat5e Cable
      • Cat5e Tool-less Jacks
      • Cat5e Patch Panels
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    • Cat6 Copper Cabling Systems
      • Cat6 Cable
      • Cat6 Tool-less Jacks
      • Cat6 Patch Panels
      • View All ...
    • Cat6a Copper Cabling Systems
      • Cat6a Cable
      • Cat6a Tool-less Jacks
      • Cat6a Patch Panels
      • View All ...
    • Faceplates
      • Standard Faceplates
      • LJ6C Faceplates
      • Euro Style Faceplates
    3M™ Cat6a 3 Cable Entry Jack
    Fibre Cabling Products
    Fibre Cabling Products
    • Fibre Cable
      • Indoor / Outdoor Fibre Cable
      • Indoor / Outdoor Fibre Cable Steel Armoured
      • Breakout Fibre Cable
    • Fibre Connectors
      • ST Fibre Connectors
      • SC Fibre Connectors
      • LC Fibre Connectors
      • View All ...
    • Fibre Assembly Systems
      • 3M™ No Polish System
      • 3M™ Hot Melt System
      • 3M™ Crimplok System
      • View All ...
    • MPO High Density Pre-Terminated System
      • OM3 MPO System
      • OM4 MPO System
      • OS2 MPO System
    • Fibre Patch Panels
      • 3M™ SPP3-E Range Fibre Patch Panels
      • 3M™ Eco-SPP3 Range Fibre Patch Panels
    • Fibre Pigtails
      • LC Fibre Pigtails
      • SC Fibre Pigtails
      • ST Fibre Pigtails
      • View All ...
    • Fibre Patch Cables
      • LC-LC Fibre Patch Cables
      • SC-SC Fibre Patch Cables
      • ST-ST Fibre Patch Cables
      • View All ...
    • Connection Boxes & Outlets
      • Connection Boxes
      • Wall Outlets
    • Optical Distribution Frames
      • eODF Optical Distribution Frame
      • RFO Optical Distribution Frame
      • Fibre Patch Panel
    MPO High Density System
    Voice Products
    Voice Products
    • Connection Modules
      • STG 2000 Connection Modules
      • SID Connection Modules
      • QSA Connection Modules
      • View All ...
    • Voice Patch Cables
      • Cat 6 Patch Cable (F/UTP) LSOH
      • Cat 5e Patch Cable (F/UTP) PVC
      • Cat 5e Patch Cable (S/FTP) LSOH
      • View All ...
    • Category 3 Patch Panels
      • Cat3 Voice Patch Panels - 25 ports
      • Cat3 Voice Patch Panels - 28 ports
      • Cat3 Voice Patch Panels - 50 ports
      • View All ...
    • Distribution Frames & Boxes
      • Distribution Frames
      • Distribution Boxes
    Connection Modules
    Data Centres
    Data Centres
    • MPO High Density System
      • OM3 MPO System
      • OM4 MPO System
      • OS2 MPO System
    • Cat6a Copper Cabling Systems
      • Cat6a Shielded Cable
      • Cat6a Small Diameter Cable
      • Cat6a Tool-less Keystone Jacks
      • View All ...
    • Fibre Cable
      • Indoor / Outdoor Fibre Cable
      • Indoor / Outdoor Fibre Cable Steel Armoured
      • Breakout Fibre Cable
    3M™ Fibre Cable